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ECCT/16/07/01   VAC52150EBL4001
    A Multi-country, prospective, Clinical Safety Study of Subjects Exposed to the Candidate Ebola Vaccines AD26.ZEBOV and or/ MVA-BN-Filo   
Principal Investigator(s)
1. Omu Anzala
Site(s) in Kenya
1. KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research (Nairobi City county)
2. Kenya medical Research Institute/Walter Reed Project Kombewa (Kisumu county)
3. Kenya medical Research Institute/Walter Reed Project Kombewa (Kericho county)
Trial Status In follow-up
Protocol Date 25-11-2015


ECCT/17/04/01   Odón Device for assisted vaginal delivery
    Feasibility, safety and preliminary efficacy study of a new device (Odón  Device) for assisted vaginal delivery   
Principal Investigator(s)
1. Zahida Qureshi
Site(s) in Kenya
Kenyatta National Hospital
Trial Status stopped
Protocol Date 01-06-2016


ECCT/16/07/05   HESTIA 1
    Multicentre, open-label, randomised, pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) dose-ranging Phase II study of ticagrelor followed by a double-blind, randomised, parallel-group, placebo-controlled 4 weeks extension phase in paediatric patients with sickle cell disease   
Principal Investigator(s)
1. Jessie Nyokabi Githanga
2. Videlis Nduba
3. Bernhards Ragama Ogutu
Site(s) in Kenya
1. Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital (Nairobi City county)
2. Kemri CRDR research center at Chandaria Health Centre Dagoretti (Nairobi City county)
3. Clinical Research Annex at the Siaya County Referral Hospital (Siaya county)
4. Kondele Children’s Hospital, KEMRI – Centre for Clinical Research (Kisumu county)
Trial Status completed
Protocol Date 03-02-2016


ECCT/16/09/02   Monitoring Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for Young Adult Women ( (MPYA)
    Next generation real-time monitoring for PrEP adherence in young adult women.   
Principal Investigator(s)
1. Prof. Elizabeth Anne Bukusi Bukusi
2. Dr. Stella Njuguna Njuguna
Site(s) in Kenya
1. KISUMU SITE (Kisumu county)
Trial Status recruiting
Protocol Date 19-04-2016


ECCT/16/06/01   P1115
    Very Early Intensive Treatment of HIV-Infected Infants to Achieve HIV Remission: A Phase I/II Proof of Concept Study   
Principal Investigator(s)
1. Fredrick Sawe
Site(s) in Kenya
Trial Status recruiting
Protocol Date 12-03-2014